Hello everyone it's been a little while since i don't have done a makeup look on my blog. So on today's post i thought that was a great idea to juste shared with you my recent favorite makeup look and probably the makeup that i want to wear for Christmas eve and Christmas day. It's something really easy to do in a rush or just when you want this little something more on your face but not as makeupy. 

Start with a bare and moisture face and then apply a nice primer, because my skin is more on the dryer size i've used the STROBE CREAM by M.A.C is an ideal. It's an hydrating and glowing primer. If you are more into the oily/combo side skin i would recommend to use the OIL CONTROL LOTION also by M.A.C 

Then i've applied my foundation, as you know i love natural finish foundation, so with the expert face brush by REAL TECHNIQUES i've used the SHISEIDO SHEER AND PERFECT foundation in I00 and also my concealer which is the EFFACERNES by LANCÔME in the shade 001 . Then it's time to set your face for setting my concealer i've applied the yellow powder from the MARC JACOBS #INSTAMARC with a NARS BRUSH. then i've used the contour shade to just contour my cheekbones and having more depth into the hallows of my cheeks with the REAL TECHNIQUES CONTOUR BRUSH, for a more nicer and defined contour i've used the SHISEIDO  TRANSLUCENT POWDER with a BEAUTY-BLENDER (dry) under my contour. and then finally on my t-zone i used a little dust of SHISEIDO POWDER with this NEW LOOK POWDER BRUSH (which is crazy awesome!) 

For the eyes, i love using my M.A.C palette i've this one since years now (you know when that was M.A.C craziness all over youtube and blogs !). The first shade that i used in the crease and to have a V at the end of the eyes it's WEDGE (the fourth on the top row) with a FLAT SHADOW BRUSH from NEW LOOK and i blend everything with the REAL TECHNIQUES SHADOW BRUSH, i also applied this shade with the NEW LOOK brush under my eyes (2/3)  . It's a nice warm light brown shade it's perfect to have a nice defined contour eyes and then finally i've used the shade BRULÉ on the other 2/3 of my eyelid and finally to blend perfectly the edges of the crease and under the brow bone with my regular blending brush. 

The most important part of this eye look, it's actually the eye-liner with the smoky effect which give a little something more and a less arch look on the eyes. I really enjoy the MAKEUP FOREVER AQUA CREAM in black it's the perfect eye-liner in gel to smoked out. i used this one with a flat eye-liner synthetic brush and then with a tiny flat shadow brush with nothing on the one and i smoked out the liner. I've apply my line only on the 2/3 of my eyes and i've made a little wing to have a more cat-eyes effect. And then with the left on my flat liner brush i've used this one to just line my top waterline to the inside of my eyes. 

Now it's time to finish you look, i've curled my lashed and applied a volumizing mascara the BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL (I've a preference for the ROLLER LASH but i try to finish this one instead) and then it's time for brows (you can't really see them with my bangs but whatever) i used a new combo from H&M and NEW LOOK and i really enjoy it. First i used a microfine brow pencils from H&M in the shade CHOCOLATE BROWN to define the arch and draw so little hair and i set everything in place with a FIBER BROW GEL in the shade MEDIUM BROWN from NEW LOOK. That's kind of an alternative to the GIMMIE BROW by BENEFIT and the BROW WIZ by ANASTASIA in way less expensive (under $15 for this combo). For lips i really enjoyed natural but better lips and i don't want to be stressed about my lips makeup especially for Christmas dinner so i used my trusty LANCÔME BEIGE ROSÉE lip liner and with the lip-brush part i've applied the NUXE REVE DE MIEL lip balm, just a thin layer to have hydrated lips during all night, this one is actually a matte lip-balm which i think works better with this time of looks and stay more longer. 

And finally for the pièce of resistance of this look, i've used my new favorite face palette form BECCA in COLLABORATION with JACLYN HILL (finally available at your local Sephora in France !). I've applied a little bit of CHAMPAGNE POP (which apparently it's called C-POP for the newest palette, i've to say than i was more in love with the old names...)  on the top of the cheekbones and also under brow bone and because it's a BAM IN YOUR FACE KIND OF HIGHLIGHTER i blend this one with my powder brush for a more natural look and i also used a tiny bit of the blush AMARETTO (which apparently is now called ALMOND). I also Highlight the inner-corner of my eyes with a mix of PROSECCO POP (now called GOLD POP) and CHAMPAGNE POP

And that's the finish look, i really enjoy to wear this one for an everyday makeup but also as a night out make-up especially if you wear an outfit totally more dressed up. 

Merry Christmas everyone and see you for my last 2016 post ! 


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