Hello everyone, today i'm back for my first post of 2017, i wish you an happy new year and may this year be better than the last one. 

As you may know i'm a big massive fan of Korean BB Cushion, if you followed me since a lot of time now you already know than for me the Korean skincare routine is probably one of the best one for you skin. Here in France it's a little bit hard to find affordable cushion especially as great as the Korean one. But you can find a lot of Korean brand into this website which is one of my favorite Korean Website to order my skincare, make-up etc .. W2BEAUTY

Also for the BB Cushion trend it can be hard to find your perfect match for your skin-tone, in my mind i think Laneige and Espoir have the most bigger range of shades, and sometimes for a lot of people who they're not really used to the MUL-GWANG (which is mean in Korean a sort of  dewy, moist, and Glowy face) those BB Cushion can be a little bit to much for their faces. 

So for today's blogspot i'm gonna shared with you how to make your own BB Cushion. 

The first thing that you have to know about BB Cushion it's they're actually have around 15grams of product inside (so and half ounce), you have to kept in mind to just create an amount of product which is around 15grams

For having a nice personal cushion you have to have: 

  • A new or old Cushion case (you can find newer one without any product inside of it) with the cushion sponge inside and the cushion applicator. 
  • A bowl and a mixer, preference you have to use a spatula, but me i couldn't find mine so i've used a chopstick 
  • Foundation, your favorite one, the one that is matching your skin better. 
  • Face cream
  • CC cream with a good SPF or you can had only a simple SPF 
  • Highlighter 
  • illuminator 

For the first step, put around 10 grams of your foundation into the bowl, here i'm using the NARS SHEER GLOW in the shade light 3 (it refers to the lighter shade for yellow undertone)- Gobi 

Then use around 3 grams of your favorite face cream or your current one. I recommend to use a gel formula for more oily to combination skin-type and a more thicker cream  if you have a more dryer skin-type. for me it depends really of the season because i'm gravitating towards combination to dry to just sometimes normal skin-type. so for this Cushion i've used the LANCÔME HYDRA-ZEN MOISTURIZER 
Then you can apply a CC Cream like me, here it's the IT COSMETICS CC+ CREAM, it's one of my favorite CC cream, for my skin this product improved so much my skin with days and weeks and it also contains a really nice 50 SPF+ and it's a chemical filter free product. But if you don't want to put any colouring product into your cushion you can just use your regular sunscreen, especially if your foundation doesn't have any SPF (the NARS SHEER GLOW doesn't have one) 
Then it's time to put highlighter into your new BB Cushion, i personally wasn't sure between this two LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER BY BECCA, so i decide to use a pump of each. Moonstone is more a light champagne color and pearl is actually a white silverly highlighter so it's perfect if you have pale skin like me. But just use your favorites highlighter by the way. and then mix everything with your spatula (or your chopstick 😅)
then try your formula, for me that wasn't enough brighter and also i didn't have enough coverage so i decided to put one pump of my favorite ILLUMINATOR from CHANEL, this product gonna helps to brightening your BB Cushion formula and i have finally put two more pumps of my foundation. 

Then  with a spoon or just you spatula put the mixture inside of your cushion it's around a 1/3 or you case actually. 

And also for not having a waste of product dip you sponge into the rest of product inside  the bowl and clean the spoon/spatula on the sponge. And finally put the sponge into the cushion case. Clean up the Edges and you are good to go with your personalized BB Cushion. 

 See you around in a future post. Love ❤️ 

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