For today's blogpost I really wanted to talk about one of my favourite luxury beauty brand, I do have already done some post about some all of those products. Because this week-end I wasn't at home, I've to took a makeup bag of course and I thought I would entirely go for an entire one brand weekend makeup. 

I've this particular relationship with Chanel actually it's my biggest favourite beauty brand and for me that wasn't really hard to have a product for each categories. I don't know where came this love for Chanel probably because of the history behind the brand but for me in my opinion I can see myself way more than with Lancôme, YSL or Dior ( even if I really enjoyed all of those brands but I always know than I couldn't be disappointed with Chanel.) 


Let's start with skincare, as you may know skincare is really important to have an healthy skin but also a great makeup and for not applying a big amount of foundation to covered up you bad skin. Hydration is the KEY of a great skin but also a great makeup. First I apply the HYDRABEAUTY LIPBALM, it's a nice way to hydrate and prep your lips for the last step of your makeup, this one have a really thin texture it's the entire opposite of the NUXE RÊVE DE MIEL LIP BALM, in my opinion this one is really day appropriate lipbalm the stick version is one of my favourite to have with me in my daily life, because it's way more sanitary to use outside of your house. Next I love to apply hand cream before any type of makeup, I do have already share my thought on the BODY EXCELLENCE HAND-CREAM, in a blogpost about manicure. Why do i have apply a hand-cream before my regular skincare routine ? I found actually than its helps your hand to not absorb your skincare when you're warmed up your products before the application, the cream make a barrière between your skin and the products. I'm also really picky when it's about dry hand I really hate that, so every-morning I applied an hand-cream.

Move on to the real skincare, as you can see I try to be more simple as I can and also because I don't really need to apply a thousand of products to be and feel hydrated. Recently I've re-discovered the HYDRAMAX + ACTIVE SÉRUM  which is now recalled the HYDRABEAUTY SERUM  it's kind of a jelly texture but also really watery. You have to warmed up a little bit between your hands to have this kind of watery texture. It's one of my favourite hydrating serum. Because I've more a normal towards dry skin with dehydration this serum works really well for me. It's defenetly a product for dehydrated skin type. Then I use my trusty combo the LE JOUR DE CHANEL and LA NUIT DE CHANEL obviously I used le jour for a day moisturiser and la nuit as a night cream. LE JOUR have a really watery texture it's defenetly a product that you have to use before your regular hydrating cream if you have dry towards very dry skin-type. This products is meant to be: Refining your pores even out the complexion, having a more luminous and smoother skin, this product is meant to reactive your skin for your day. As for  LA NUIT Is here to restore skin's optimal rhythms, it will soothes and repair skin during the night and this one is supple and plump the morning after the texture of this products is more thick than with the day one he's way more on the creamier side. 

HYDRABEAUTY LIP BALM  €36 | USD $50 | CAD $69.95 | AUD $69.20 | HKD $417.71

BODY EXCELLENCE HAND-CREAM  €54 | USD $48 | CAD $67.14 | AUD $66.43 | HKD $401.00

HYDRABEAUTY SERUM SERUM €95 | USD $135 | CAD $188.83 | AUD $152.24 | HKD $918.87

LE JOUR €83 | USD $85 | CAD $118.89 | AUD $117.64 | HKD $710.11

LA NUIT  €83 | USD $85 | CAD $118.89 | AUD $117.64 | HKD $710.11 

Now let's move on to the face, CHANEL is one of my favorite brand in terms of face products, particularly for foundation, they have a really great variety of formulation and even if their is not a crazy amount of shades, they have all great undertone and a great shade range in my opinion. Firstly start with one of my favorite primer since i'm 18 LE BLANC DE CHANEL  this one helps to reduce the appearance of the pores, mattify the complexion, even out the skin texture, and also it's moisturising enough to fell comfortable. It's definitely an all in one product primer, for the little story it's actually my third bottle of this products it's one of my fave even in my pro kit, I do remember back in the day than this one didn't came with a pump and that was kinda not really travel and easy makeup application friendly but now they put a pump since a little bit of time and it's actually way more easier to use and to travel with. Then it's time to completely even out your complexion, recently I've rediscovered the LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW foundation. I've made a review a little bit more than a year ago when it was released I received it as a PR packaging and I was really exited to try that on I will link the review just HERE, he's still one of my favourite foundation even if I forget him into my collection for around 4-5 months, but now he's back in my life, for me this foundation is between the VITALUMIÈRE AQUA  and THE PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET it gives more coverage than the VITALUMIÈRE AQUA but he have the same kind of natural glow to it. I really enjoy the fact than this foundation have an SPF inside of it, it made it totally wearable during the spring and summer when the warmer sun is back. concealer never killed anyone but killed your blue dark-circle right ? The PERFECTING CONCEALER is a great one, he can't entirely replace my trusty SHISEIDO concealer firstly because the shade range isn't that good their is 3 shades in total and the lightest the shade 10 is not that fair in my opinion on me he works as a colour correcting products for my blue under eye-bags or just if I a pimple to covered up, but the longevity is really impressing and the texture is really smooth and easy to blend.  I would recommend this one as a regular concealer if you are an NC20-25 ( from MAC) the colour 10 would probably match you perfectly. Because I was on a weekend I didn't bring my TRANSLUCENT LOOSE POWDER but I've the compact version of it, as you may know this powder is one of my biggest favourite loose powder it's a thinner side powder, it's mattifying, but he didn't take off the natural glow of your skin and the TRANSLUCENT COMPACT POWDER is defenetly the compact version of the loose one I can't deny it ! I can set my under eye area with it and just a little bit my t-zone for just setting my foundation and be sure than this one he's gonna stay beautiful all day. BRONZER TIME !! I've discovered this one not a long time ago, I really love my SOLEIL TAN BRONZING MAKEUP BASE which i also made a review about it HERE but this one isn't the most travel friend packaging not because of the texture of the product but his packaging it's kinda bolkier, the LES BEIGES POWDER was on my Wishlist since maybe a little bit more than a year and finally I put my hand on it, i got mine in the shade 20 , this powder is firstly a bronzer but this one can be I used as a finishing powder, or just as a touch up powder through out the day. I can use the shade 20 as a subtle contour, it's defenetly more on the natural side but I love it for this reason, it didn't look like you have contour but you can defenetly tell in the miroir just right after that your are contoured. You know what I mean ?? For this purpose i used the contour brush from real techniques, and when I want to just refresh a little bit my skin I used this one with the brush that the product can with ( it's actually a really really nice brush ! ) I'm defenetly thinking of getting the shade 30 as a bronzer for summer because the shade looks amazing and really into the neutral side which is perfect for me. And then a little bit of blush with the JOUES CONTRASTE on the apple of my cheeks and also to make my natural freckles a little bit more present on the face I used the shade ROSE PETAL which is a nudy rosy type of shade perfect for my fair and yellow complexion. 

LE BLANC DE CHANEL   €54.06 | USD $55.00 |CAD $76.12 |AUD $76.12 |HKD $459.48

LES BEIGES FOUNDATION  €58.98 | USD $60.00 |CAD $84.17 |AUD $83.04 |HKD $459.48

PERFECTING CONCEALER  €41.18 | USD $42.00 |CAD $58.92 |AUD $58.13 |HKD $350.88   

COMPACT POWDER   €44.23 | USD $45.00 |CAD $63.13 |AUD $62.28 |HKD $375.94

LES BEIGES POWDER  €57.01| USD $58.00 |CAD $81.36 |AUD $80.27 |HKD $484.55

JOUES CONTRASTE  €44.23 | USD $45.00 |CAD $63.13 |AUD $62.28 |HKD $375.94

Moving on to the final part of your look, I first start to use my LE CRAYON SOURCIL to defined my brows, to be honest this product is great but you have a lot of products on the market as good as this one but less cheaper I can defenetly live without it but if I had to choose between the ESTÈE LAUDER BROW NOW and this I would definitely choose the CHANEL product because he's less creamier and the power lasting of this brow pencil is better than the BROW NOW in my opinion. I choose to not apply any kind of eye-shadow this weekend, I wasn't into the mood of it, i just have applied a little of my LES BEIGES POWDER for just having a little more definition on the eyes, I do have use the LE STYLO WATERPROOF in 20 ESPRESSO Which is a beautiful dark brown shade at the base of my lashes to just defined this part of my eyes and I do extend the liner at the end of the eyes to just continue the natural almond shape of my eyes. Then I curled my Lashes and I've applied the DIMENSION MASCARA I'm not entirely sure yet if I like it better than the LE VOLUME MASCARA but I will tell you in a future post/ comparison post about it because I'm quite confused they have complete different brushes but they have kind of a same effect. For the lips when I want a really more natural type of look I just go for the LES BEIGES LIPBALM for me it's more a kind of a sheer lipstick than a LIPBALM because I think is not a good for moisturising, actually into LIPBALM you have this sort of wax that will help to keep the shape better in the tube and you can defenetly see than this one have a lot of wax into it I've mine since a little more than a year and the bullet didn't have moved actually one of the particularity of this type of wax it's than it can be drying, so that's the reason I didn't fell this product is a LIPBALM in my opinion but it gives this little nice PEACHY SHEEN to my lips that I really enjoyed when I want something but nothing! And LAST BUT NOT LEAT ! One of my favourite lipstick after THE ROUGE COCO SHINE in 54 BOY it's the ROUGE COCO IN 402 ADRIENNE it's one of my trusty perfect nude that can work with everything, is less subtle than the BOY but it's a beautiful lipstick that I love to wear everyday, if you want a more natural tap of look you can tape on the edges of your lips It will blend perfectly the lipstick into your lips. 

LE CRAYON SOURCIL  €28.51 | USD $29.00 |CAD $40.68 |AUD $40.14 |HKD $242.27

LE STYLO WATERPROOF  €31.45 | USD $32.00 |CAD $46.29 |AUD $45.67 |HKD $275.69

DIMENSION MASCARA  €31.45 | USD $32.00 |CAD $44.89 |AUD $44.29 |HKD $267.34

LES BEIGES LIPBALM  €36.37 | USD $37.00 |CAD $51.90 |AUD $51.21 |HKD $309.11

ROUGE COCO SHINE  €36.37 | USD $37.00 |CAD $51.90 |AUD $51.21 |HKD $309.11

ROUGE COCO  €36.37 | USD $37.00 |CAD $51.90 |AUD $51.21 |HKD $309.11



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