'Ello, ello!  it's becoming increasingly necessary to do this type of side-by-side comparison post as the "naked" palette eyeshadow phenomenon keeps growing. There are so many subtle variations to each palette! How to we know what will work best on us? How do we know we won't have dupes?

In the same vein as the full-sized Naked 2, Naked 2 Basics is a cooler, taupe-based palette compared to the Naked Basics. Both palettes are the same size and contain 5 matte shades and 1 highlight shade in a satin finish.

You can see in this side-by-side that Naked 2 Basics also falls within the more medium-toned range compared to Basics which has an almost-white highlight and an almost-black darkest shade. As a small recap, Naked 2 Basics is a taupe-based matte palette with 6 cooler taupe and rosy-brown shades. Because the steps of intensity between each shade are more subtle, this would be a great for someone who loves a consistent neutral look day to day.The original Naked Basics actually runs on the cooler side as well but has more yellow-tones and comes with a much more vibrant satin color, Venus, while the rest of the palette is matte. There is a bit more variation here than Naked 2 because Venus is so light and Crave is so dark.

Here you can really see the subtleties between each color in Naked 2 Basics. Naked 2 the shadow (and Frisk from Naked 2 Basics which is similar) can be used as a nice blending shade, W.O.S can be used as a transition shade for your crease is you are on the fair side like me. The saving grace of Naked Basics is that Venus, Naked 2, Faint, and Crave (1, 4, 5, and 6) can create a beautiful and complete eyeshadow look. I could use the comparable shades from Naked 2 Basics but it would be a much softer version.

Overall, I would recommend Naked 2 Basics for girls with cooler skintones usually that are on the paler side but it can work on the warmer skintone or neutral there is no doubt about it because i really love those cool tone shadows on me. It could definitely also work for girls who just love taupes and enjoy an easy-to-get-right, natural look everyday.

The original Naked Basics will work for a wider variety of skintones although it does have a couple of lighter shades that would work best on skintones  darker than mine. 

It's still one of my favorite workhorse palettes though and a great travel companion since it can range from subtle to dramatic smoky looks without taking up much space, i don't have naked 2 basics since a long time but i will definitely try to travel with it to see if this one can work as a travel palette as the Naked Basics. 

SKILL ADVICE: you can use Faint, naked 2, crave, frisk, cover, primal an shadows for your eyebrows if you don't have any brow products or just if you're on the go or during your holidays without all your products with you. 

Those palettes retails for €29,50 | US $29 | CAD$ 36  
and they're available at Sephora or Ulta. 


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