Hello everyone i hope you are doing well today i thought it was the good time to introduce this new category which is a makeup versus category. This category is all about one brand but two different product which are sister or brother. I'm gonna start this category with NARS COSMETICS which is one of my favorite makeup brand. 

let's get start with a versus between the NARS VELVET MATTE SKIN TINT and THE PURE RADIANT TINTED MOISTURIZER 


- Refined pore & shine control
- Antioxydant defence 
- Soft touch look 

The rose fruit extract visibly minimises the appearance of pores while controlling shine, the vitamins C,E and broad spectrum SPF 30 protect against free radical damage causeway the environmental stress and a simply touch and go for an effortless perfected look, glide a velvet matte finish do instantly even skin tone with a soft-matte effect. 

What i like about the VELVET MATTE SKIN TINT firstly the texture of the product, it's really lightweight and easy to blend, with a beauty-blender, fingers or even a brush (i prefer to use a buffing brush with this type of texture) the texture is a little bit like a mousse but it's really light and also it's quit runny. The shade Finland is a nice match for me it's not the perfect (because my perfect match for me it's the shade GOBI which is a fair shade with yellow undertone) this one is more towards neutral but it work well and it's a tad bit darker tho. the product have a solid medium coverage when you applied it with a brush or your fingers  and a light/medium coverage with a beauty-blender. I like the fact that the formulation is matte on the skin ( i really like matte products in general even if i've a normal towards dry skin during winter)but the product doesn't feel cakey on the skin or emphasize dry patches. 

What i don't like about the VELVET MATTE SKIN TINT i know it's paradoxal but the shade range, for me NARS should have the same shades range as the SEER GLOW, SHEER MATTE (discontinued foundation) or ALL DAYS LUMINOUS i don't really know why they try to do something different about the shade in the tinted moisturizer line. Then i don't think it's a super long-wearing formulation because i'm normal towards dry (and because i like matte finish) i use powder everyday to set the makeup, but sometimes it's borderline at the end of the day and sometimes it feels a little bit greasy so if you have a combo to oily skin-type i would entirely recommend to use a good mattifying primer underneath and a good setting powder. The controlling shine promise isn't really here in my opinion. 


- Advanced sun protection 
- Hydrates and helps to reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and dark spots

Oil-free formula provides a translucent veil of color and SPF while helping to reduce hyper-pigmentation and dark spots infused with lush naturally derived botanicals ingredients to immediately help thirsty skin feel hydrated. Kopara from French Polynesia and mineral rich seawater revive the skin. 

What i like about the PURE RADIANT TINTED MOISTURIZER is also the texture of the product, it's more lightweight than the VELVET MATTE SKIN TINT  and have less coverage. You can use this product with a buffing brush, fingers, or a beauty-blender. This product have a descent light to medium coverage with a brush or fingers and a sheer to light with a beauty-blender, the formulation is totally buildable and you can have a solid medium coverage if you apply a second layer with a brush. The PURE RADIANT TINTED MOISTURIZER have dewy finish which is not my usual type of finish but on a tinted moisturizer like this time of product i don't really mind. It feels really hydrating which is an ideal formulation for me during winter time because of my dryness. Also this formulation feels a little bit more skincary and the VELVET MATTE SKIN TINT because of the ingredients to reduce dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. 

What i don't like about the PURE RADIANT TINTED MOISTURIZER, if you have an oily skin isn't the one for you, i think even with a good mattifying primer and a good setting powder it's not gonna be long-wearing. You have also to keep in mind than it's a radiant tinted moisturise their is no shine control in the formulation (obviously) so the product isn't meant to be a long-wearing formulation. For the shade it's the same problem as the VELVET MATTE SKIN TINT 

My overall opinion between the PURE RADIANT TINTED MOISTURIZER and the VELVET MATTE SKIN TINT. Firstly these two products are more cousins then brother or sister. They have two different finishes but they can work for dry to combo skin-type both (and oily for the VELVET MATTE SKIN TINT) During the summer i go towards the VELVET MATTE SKIN TINT because the shade works a little bit better during summer because the PURE RADIANT TINTED MOISTURIZER is a little bit lighter. i can't say their is a winner in this battle because for me they're totally different product in my opinion, it just depend on your personal preference but also your skin-type. 

The last battle of this blogpost it's between the RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER and the new one from NARS the SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER. Tell me on my social media by the way if you want a battle between the TRANSLUCENT LUMINOUS SETTING POWDER (LOOSE OR PRESSED) and the regular POWDER PRESSED OR LOOSE and between the regular LAGUNA BRONZER and the newer formulation the matte one. i'll be happy to do a powder battle after the liquid product battle.


The radiant creamy concealer evens skin with a lightweight medium to high buildable coverage, enriched with hydrating multi-action skincare benefit and light diffusion technology. 

What i like about the RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER, he comes in a tube format with a doe-foot applicator. The shade range is pretty massive as usual for NARS the shade that i use is CHANTILLY, a very pale shade with yellow undertone which is suitable for fair to light skin-tones, the next popular shade that you probably know is VANILLA which is a tad bit darker and also with pink undertone and it's suitable from light to medium skin-tones. This one is one of my favorite when it comes to cover some blemishes, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation because it's easy to blend with a brush or with fingers. 

What i don't like about the RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER, i do have to say than i don't like to use this one around my eye-area. It's a little bit to thick for my liking and for this reason this concealer creases on me even if i set it with a powder, in my opinion it's not an ideal formula for dehydrated eye-area or with have a mature eye-area. 


The soft matte complete concealer is a soft focus with high-performance coverage with optical diffusion powder helps to minimize light diffusing with a spherical surface powders designed to absorb and refract light for a soft focus perfection. 

What i like about the SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER, it's really an interesting formulation, to be honest i didn't thought it will be that creamy. This formulation is definitely my favorite of the two for my under-eye area because it's a thinner consistency. I din't have any problem of creasing with the SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER. It's a full coverage and this one is definitely an all in one concealer. 

What i don't like about the SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER, the biggest dark point of this concealer is the packaging, Jar concealer or products in general aren't the most sanitary products but it didn't bother me because i know than with this type of formulation and consistency we can't have them in a tube with a doe-foot applicator or a pump. Also as i said for my dehydrated eyes area i didn't have any problem of creasing but i've to agree the the matte-satin finish and the powdery feel to it isn't probably the best for dry eye area or if you have dry patches or eczema. 

My overall opinion between the RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER and the SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER it's than the winner here is the SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER because for my skin liking this one is more versatile and totally all in one concealer who can cover my dark circles, some blemishes or whatever. the RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER it's a good product don't get me wrong but it's not the one for me, or just when i need to use something to covered up a dark spot or a blemish than an another under eye concealer can't cover. 

I hope you'll enjoy this little battle of product and don't forget to give me your opinion on those product and also to tell me what do you want to see in this category on my social media. 

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