"Essence is the heart of Korean Skincare Routine, and it's a skincare category that was created in Korea"

An Essence Is not a toner they usually came in a fancy and luxurious glass bottle that look excellent on your countertop. They're also not meant for cleansing. With higher doses of active ingrédients, essence is meant to deliver- those deep into the skin after you've gone through the process of cleansing. beyond the simple feeling of hydration there's an anti-aging element to essence as well. Adding moisture to the skin at an early age can help the skin stay healthy and plump longer. Essence helps create a stronger more resistant skin foundation for longterm improvement to the look of skin. 

I'm a big fan of beauty essence since years now, and finally they're start to came into the European Market since around a year now. I thought it was a good idea to talk about the difference between some European essence and Korean beauty essence. 

FILORGA NTCF ESSENCE combined with an anti-pollution polysaccharide regenerates and reveals radiance in dull complexion, moisturizing concentrate which thanks to aqua-mx technology (using water sensor) provides express and long-lasting hydration. 

For me this European version of essence is one of the closest idea of an korean beauty essence, it does really improve skin texture and totally enhance the skin day after day. If you want to try an Essence but and Essence who is really close to the Korean one i would recommend one of this Essence. the FILORGA NTCF ESSENCE reminds me a lot of the CELL ESSENCE from HERA.

MISSHA TIME REVOLUTION, THE FIRST TREATMENT ESSENCE contains 80 fermented yeast concentrate, also contains niacinamide and vitamins B3 to improve skin elasticity, enhance skin barrier function and revive skin tone and texture. DN-AID made from cassia-alata extract provides vitality to aging skin. Improves fine lines and skin tones. The miracle water hydrates, restores rejuvenates ad gives a glowy complexion.

In Korea, this essence is know to be a dupe of the popular japanese SK-II essence, i do have tried the SK-II essence in the past and even if they're similar in terms of packaging, texture and feel to the skin, i think the SK-II is effective faster. But for a difference of $60 i've to say that i can complain about that. It's one of my favorite Korean skincare essence and isn't really hard to find. You can find it on Amazon or on the W2beauty.com website for the same price. 

CAUDALIE VINOPERFECT ESSENCE combines efficacy and gentleness to sweep away dead skin cells and reveals the skin original radiance. Due to its aqueous texture it penetrates the skin in a flash. It prepares skin for the benefits of the serum and double its efficacy and dark spots. 

Firstly, i want to say that the CAUDALIE VINOPERFECT ESSENCE is the first french pharmacy brand to come with an essence. I was really pleased that finally pharmacy brand start to give a little more consistency i, beauty routines. This is definitely one of the closest european essence with the NTCF ESSENCE to the Korean beauty essence routine because it totally prepares the skin to the other steps of your beauty routine and it does real job in longterm application for dark spots. For your reference this one is one of the cheapest essence that i could find here in France and it's a correcting essence which is really rare in our beauty market.  

LANEIGE SKIN REFINER MOISTURE formulated with 6 moisture maximizing minerals, zinc, manganese, magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium that are ionized and stabilized in water to penetrate quicker and deeper into skin. Nourishes thirsty skin while hydro ionized mineral water provides deep hydration. Leaves the skin a better texture and more radiant finish. 

This essence is different in term of texture to the other one, this ons is a little bit more thicker and feels a milky. For me this essence is one of the best during winter season because for my normal to dry ski my skin enjoy a lot this type of texture. I wouldn't recommend to someone with and oily skin type because of how moisturizing it is. The scent is fresh and floral which makes the experience of application way more enjoyable i love to combine this one with the CAUDALIE VINOPERFECT ESSENCE

LANCÔME HYDRA-ZEN ESSENCE is designed to help fight the visible signs of stress it provides intense hydration for skin to feel soothed and comfortable. 

For me this is an really an essence, first because is not as moisturizing as the other which in a way better maybe for combo to oily skin type, but usually essence was created to work with dryer skin type (because the winter weather in Korea is really tough) i'm also not of the biggest of the jelly texture obviously it turns into water when you warmed up between your palms. I use this one in a third essence layer during winter if i need a little bit more to be honest with you, because alone it doesn't give me that much hydration. Overall i do really appreciate the fact that it was one of the first European essence of the beauty market here.

SANOFLORE AQUA ROSA ESSENCE is concentrates 50% organic rosa damascena hydrolate and natural and natural hyaluronic acid in "smart' active water. Its gelled texture turns into water in contact with skin and brings an immediate water recharge. 

If you are sensitive with any type of scented product this one is not for you, i do have to say than the rose scent isn't my favourite, as you can see from the bottle i do have tried it a little bit but the scent is way to strong for my nose. it's a fresh and slightly hydrating product if i compare with others beauty essence, this one is pretty close to the LANCÔME HYDRA ZEN ESSENCE. this essence isn't a essence at all for me it's more of a thicker toner than an essence it's doesn't do that mush on the skin and probably less than the LANCÔME ESSENCE. 

OVERALL OPINION: European market isn't as homogenous as Korean market for essence obviously their is a lot of gap between some beauty "essence" some of them claim to be an essence but actually it's more between a toner and an essence, you really have to do some research to really find who is a real essence. CAUDALIE and FILORGA wins in terms of how they have reproduced the idea of the REAL ESSENCE obviously i'll still recommend to use real beauty essence from Korea but those two are actually quite promising. 

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