The Living room is probably my favorite room of the house, even if we don't have finish to furnish it yet, we still need a nice dining room cabinet and also a piano, we are still trying to find our piano we are in a big discussion about it also to paint a wall and to add an bigger table. But i thought it was a great idea to share with you where we are now and i will probably do a renovation blogpost about our recent changes later. 

    I decided today to share with you a little bit of our first Christmas in our house and our regular decoration of all year around. Our space is quite big, we enjoy the fact that we have a lot of luminosity it's a through living room and it's really pleasing to live in. As you can see our Christmas tree was really traditional this year, as always i'm a massive of fake Christmas tree, firstly because it's more ecological but also because i don't have to use my vacuum everyday for the leaves because that can happen especially with a floor heating like ours our bob is dry (the big plant) needs a pedestal because of that. The theme was red, green and gold and also with a lot of glass ornements, i already what i want for next year christmas decorations and i'm exited to share with you at the end of this year what it will be. As a massive fan of Christmas decorations i wanted to have a train under the tree, it's something that resonated a lot in me, it's feels so warm to have those lights for a months, with this little village and train. Also i use my big golden basket as a Christmas sack for the gifts.

Ikea | Friheten convertible sofa in Bomstad black AU$ 949

    The couch area is probably my favorite part of the living room, we are big ikea fan so obviously you will a lot of ikea links at the end of this blogpost, we wanted to have a big converted sofa, as we have two bedrooms in the house and one office we thought it was a great idea to add a converted sofa if we have guest who wanted to stay after a nice dinner, we are in love with black, gold and leather so we choose a black leather couch, it's confortable, we have a lot of cosy evening behind netflix in this sofa. we enjoy dark blue tones and greens, unfortunately the photo doesn't show the real colour of our plaid and pillow


    Next to the right of the sofa we have a black metal side table, we use to have our small bonsaï here, but because we added a side table at the right of the sofa, we choose to have only a gold minimalist lamp. I love everything minimalistic as you can see, for the the go to decoration is all about minimalism, we also choose a warm vintage light to add a little bit more cosiness.

    As almost all of our furnitures are black, i love adding gold details in terms of decorations to add warmth to the room, i will later share with you in a new blogpost what i choose to add gold but not with a girly effect.

Ikea | Vittsjö nest of table set of two in black AU$ 89

    To the left of our sofa is where we choose to add this kind of architecture inspired lamp, we love this one because it fits really nice with our floor (which is not a wooden floor by the way it's just a wooden floor tile effect because of our floor heating). Our side table is actually is the second part of our coffee table, at first they were together but with the use it was not as praticle, and having a side table here it's perfect for tea or coffee. on this side tale we have our small bonsaï he's called Aniki (we gives names to our plants it, i don't know why but it's like this) because of winter he doesn't have as many leaves as during summer i'm exited to have a bigger Aniki in three moths.   

    On the side table i also put my favorite magazine, it's the Frech magazine IDEAT contemporary life, it's a beautiful magazine full of interior design and lifestyle content. 

    This is our roof lamp on the sofa area, as you can see those too lamp are geometric style, i choose them for my old apartment before we moved together my fiancé and i, in this beautiful house, i really like the fact that those too ceiling lamps works with our interior design style 

    As for the dining area, the ceiling like is with a diamond shape, This one is in my opinion a little bit more younger looking but, i still really like this one, i like the fact that those ceiling are not the same

       What i like the most about those ceiling lamps it's the effect when the light are on, the light effect on the ceiling adds a magical effect to the living room 

Ikea | Chrysalidocarpus Lustescens plant AU$ 34,95


    Our plant still needs a pedestal but it will come in not a long time, i still need to find the perfect one, so our plant is a little bit dry because of the floor heating as i say before, but i like this green corner with the golden basket, we like to use it to store our sofa cushions and plaids when we want a little bit more space or when friends are staying at home and needs the converted sofa. This Basket is just at the left of our architecture inspired lamp, and i'm exited to add a piano to this blank space here. we are thinking of a Yamaha Clavinova 625 with the glossy black finish.  To the other part of the room we still need to paint the wall the TV stand and the guitars are placed and we will add a nice dining cabinet to store our occasional dishes and books. 

Ikea | Merete curtain set of 2 in blue AU$ 39,99

    Our curtains are dark blue, almost a night blue color which is in my opinion an amazing color for a living room. As everything is really modern in our living i now want to give a more rustique ancient look  with some details i'm thinking of my future dining room cabinet, i will share with you about this later. So i choose cream curtain loops who are italien renaissance style, this style was introduce during this era in Toscane. I really like the big pompom because their are heavy and works nicely with the fabric of our black curtains. 

    I hope you have enjoy the first part of my interior category and i hope you liked the small tour of my living room i'm exited to share more details about our home in the next blogpost.