Disneyland Paris 24 weeks pregnant.

As i'm writing this blogpost, you are probably thinking why is she's not acting anymore on her blog, we'll it's probably because since as right now i'm 28 weeks pregnant. Yes, you read it, with my fiancé we are expecting a little baby in September. I wasn't ready to talk about it before because firstly it's my  first (and only!) pregnancy and mostly because i didn't really know what to expect. 

Indeed when i say it's my first pregnancy i have to correct that it's actually my first real one, as before i lived an absorption with my ex-boyfriend, i will be happy to talk about this topic if you are interested. 

Today i thought it was the right time to announce you this big news, it's also the time to say that now you will have a topic dedicated to pregnancy and parenting on my blog (yes you read it correctly) as i want to share this journey with you, this topic is not about giving advice but mostly to share what we choose, what we don't want etc.. because as we know parenting and pregnancy can be totally different to others and i think it's important to share our experience with you especially if you are living a pregnancy. 

You need to have a little bit of an explanation of my personal life before i will talk about my pregnancy and my first trimester. So my fiancé is already a daddy of two girls from his first marriage who are 11 and 8 when i'm writing this. So at home between the two of us i'm the one who didn't know anything about pregnancy and kids (which is quite helpful and diminue a lot of stress!), also he is a volunteer firefighter, so i'm not scared about what will happen when it will be the time of the birth as i have someone at home who knows how to handle that (it's diminues a lot of stress to be honest!) But even tho i hate hospital and i have a big phobia of any medical procedures who needs needles (even tho i have tattoos! yes! don't judge! it's a phobia i can't explain it!) 

Now let's begin with the First Trimester Throwback, as i said in the beginning i'm right now 28 weeks pregnant so i'm indeed at the beginning of my third trimester. The first one was pretty hard in terms of symptoms, nothing medically important at all but the fatigue was here, during the first three months i was probably two and half months totally out of energy, nausea was a thing too, especially at the beginning just after we had done the first scan i was 5 weeks. I can say that my symptoms came just right after the dating scan as it was pretty early i got symptoms pretty early tho (i do think right now that it's totally psychologic!). Boobs had got bigger during the first trimester as for reference i am between and 32C and 32D (depending of the brand and shape of my bra) i'm now between a 34C and a 34D. Even tho now it looks like i have breast implants on my petite frame for reference i'm 5"0 and 85,98 Lbs (before pregnancy lol) my boobs were not as hurting as some women can feel, they were tight and it was a little bit sensitive around the areola for maybe three weeks. i got my first back pain during my third month as my uterus was starting to move and bet bigger more and more, it's a symptom without being one also as i do have some back issue when i was a teenager, and i live with back pain since i'm 12, i'm just use to the back pain problem. The pregnancy glow wasn't here at all during the first trimester. Also i didn't gain a lot of weight indeed almost nothing during the first trimester.

Things that you need to know? If you are living your pregnancy in France you will probably hate to have a monthly check-up with your gynaecologist and also if you are not immune to toxoplasmosis you will have a blood test every month until the end of your pregnancy. But don't be scared about not being immune to toxoplasmosis it's nothing! most of us in the world are not! you just have to make sure that your vegetables are perfectly cleaned, and you have to eat your meat kind of burned (the bacteria can live between 4 to 65°C in ingredients) so if you want to eat beef without eating it burned you can put your meat in the freezer 24hrs before to get rid of the possible bacteria. Also don't be scared about it, Toxoplasmosis is quite rare, if you get it during pregnancy it can be medically IMPORTANT for your baby but the chances that you will have the toxoplasmosis are low especially if you clean your vegetables and if you don't play with your cat litter box either as it can be in your cat poop (even tho it can happen if you have is not an indoor cat because the bacteria is in the mud). Don't be scared for your little companion, you can give him a lot of cuddle without any problem especially if it's an indoor cat like my Harvey, because the bacteria can't be in his fur, but if your cat goes outside make sure that he doesn't have mud under his paws and also that he doesn't not scratch you. Also it's not recommended to eat sushi during pregnancy because of the Listeria. i don't know a lot of thing about Listeria because i don't eat enough sushi to be scared of it. For me it's not a problem to not have sushi for 9 months.
24 weeks pregnant.
The second Trimester, well quite interesting in terms of my body frame because nobody can figure that i was pregnant, because i didn't gain lot of weight and my belly was not showing until around 24 weeks. especially when i was wearing a shirt with a jeans. As for pregnancy clothing ? nothing was needed during the second trimester, symptoms? nausea was over, fatigue also, my hair are growing faster so i need to do my hair dye more frequently i will talk about hair dye in a future blogpost. Back pain? more and more present especially during the 22-25weeks now it's getting a little bit better. We have already almost finished the nursery in terms of big stuff. During the third trimester i will share with you the nursery but also the little details that we are adding during the last three month.

also we have our stroller now which is something really big for new parents how to find the perfect stroller isn't something easy to do obviously i will share with you everything about our choices.

As for the gender of our baby, we are expecting a baby BOY! my fiancé is thrilled about this idea as he already had two daughters so it's something new for him things are a little bit different and I'm happy for him to live a different experience. for our gender reveal we choose to do something funny for the reveal to our family but not something big, so we thought that a gender reveal cake was totally enough. I  will share with you the recipe in a future blogpost. 

I think I am quite done with the big life update. 

see you soon.