Hey they're! I'm Ana.

I'm a content creator with a deep-rooted love of simplicity and mindfulness at the time I'm writing this blurb I'm twenty-something. I'm all about good self-care, I'm also a huge believer of relationships.

Minimalism and Intentional Living are approaches that defines me quite well.

A Few things you should know about me 

After eight years of being a beauty blogger my life take a big turn around when I became exceeded with having too much for my needs. I'm a mom of a baby boy born in September 2019 and also a step-mother of two girls and currently in law school. I'm based in France but I'm a maple syrup snob (and proud of it). I like to call myself a multi-passionate person. 

Want to be friends?

Just hit me up on instagram or by e-mailI'd love to chat!