Law school at home

hello everyone, it's been a while, but I did not forget about you.

In my last post I talk about mon son who was 11 month at this time, well ten months later I finally managed to give time to myself for this platform. What a year, again, I think we can all say that we are happy that longer days are here, and life seems a little bit more like normal.

This year, was the year where I've been back to law school, what a choice, I know. Not really surprising to anyone who know me for .. way too much of a long time, and i did not choose the easier faculty, as always i like to take the harder path. This academic year was challenging, but I'm really grateful for it. As of right now, I don't know if I passed nor if I need to take a little more exams in September to pass this year, but as of now, if I have to re-pass this year I'm also okay with the idea.

You know I'm a night owl, and I thought it was the right timing to talk about law school, as a mum at home with a baby boy 24/7, because my academic year was around him, around his needs, not about the schedule that I've could create for myself. For somebody who's a control freak, it's was pretty hard to adjust, even tho, everyone sees me like maybe an all over the place kind of person, I am also somebody who hates to let go things when I have a schedule in mind. It's probably this aura who did help me to get over that fear of letting go what I think was the plan for the year.

Sometimes this year, my body told me it was too much for my petite frame of not three but four apples high. So some weeks I've took the time for nothing in terms of law school. When I've choose to not do anything I could have time for Ezra a little more but when it was time for assignments etc.. I think he understood that something important this week was in the air, and he was pretty cool, which helped a lot.

I could give you the planning that I've made for myself, but I don't think this will be helpful for you, if you are thinking of going back to uni, with a young children at home. When I understood after a few .. weeks? maybe months in reality, that my schedule for school could not be the schedule of Ezra, everything's became easier. I understood that passing in one time, was probably not possible to keep some good mental health, so I let go a little bit. But what I can do, it's to give you an idea of what a law school in France look like, especially if you are thinking of taking this path at home. I will probably share that in a later post this summer, during probably the time when I will have to learn again a little more for futur exams in September, if I don't have that much luck after my results on the 2nd of July. I will give you advice of how I managed to keep a note taking method who helped me a lot during the exams sessions, and .. it's not a usual way, I must admit it, but if it can help a little bit somebody, I'm happy to do it.

So i will see you soon for later posts this summer about law school, but also about lifestyle and how the management of this house of 5 +1 cat became a little bit more easier this year !

See you soon.



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