Welcome to year "21

Updated: May 4

Retrospectively 2020 has been the weirdest years of our lives. This will undoubtedly be the only subject on which a whole world can agree on. 2020 is the year where I learn the most about myself probably because I've had the time to reflect on myself, 2020 was the year where nothing was at 100 miles per hour. I learned that I'd rather stay at home and wait than going outside and take a risk not only for myself but for others. During 2020 I've made the choice to stay at home most of the time, because I am nobody, and it's not for me to perhaps take the life of others.

During 2020 I've got the chance to be with my family and enjoying all of this moments, homeschooling my two beautiful step-daughters was a joy. Yes. It was. We laugh a lot and especially about my DIY whiteboard that didn't stay more than 10 minutes on the wall. Like I say, teacher without money. We did not cry, some voices were louder than others but it was respectful of each others opinions. They learnt about the American and Canadian History but also Korean Geography, I teach some Spanish and English lessons and we laugh hard during Math lessons.

When we did not have the choice to have our kids at home all day I decided to homeschool in my way. I was 12 not a long time ago and I remembered quite well, what I wanted to learn, it was things that I did not already know about. So I took the chance to give that to the girls. And they returned to school with a new lease of life and a new desire to learn. I was also able to see my son grow up fully during his first year of life and it will probably be the only year of my life. So I think I've accomplished my mission for 2020.

I don't know what 2021 will give us, apparently a vaccine we are quite sure about that. I know that the world is divided about that. But what I know it's the fact that I want to laugh again as much as I laugh during 2020. For me it was not a bad year, It was just the weirdest year of my life. But you know the oddity sometimes is good. I am not saying that the Covid is a chance for us, I am saying that the Covid has taught us to know each other better. It will have allowed us to take time to reflect more deeply on our lives about the good and the bad.

Remember that a mask, a vaccine does not define us, does not make us, a person who goes with the movement, even when we are French and our revolutionary nature is in our heart. It just makes sure that we don't lose our life, or that we take it from someone, that we don't even know. They allow us to make us human and to decentralize from our natural egoism and egocentrism.

I can't wait to see what 2021 will bring us but what we will also bring to her. I hope this year will be a little weird otherwise we will be bored.

Stay safe, at home, in your car, with a mask or not. As you want, but think of others..Empathy is one of the most beautiful things a human being can have.

Happy New Year 2021 to you and your loved ones.

Live intentionally, and take the time.



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