What are Minimalism and Intentional Living.

Updated: May 4

It's time to have a talk with you all. The reason why i disappear this past two years, the reason why i've not been inspired by blogging as much as i use to do. Blogging will always be a big part in my life and i will always love to talk with you all. During this past two years my life has radically change, and my blogging era changed. I'm not as much in the beauty world, i think i became exceeded.

I've take a big turn around in my life, i will not say that's because i've became a mom but it's one of the reason why everything is different now. Two years ago, i asked this question  to myself when i was moving "do i need this much? do i enjoy having all of that? Do i want to start this new chapter of my life with those old stuffs that are probably more sentimental than needed" the obvious answer was a NO. So i decided to throw, give, sell things that were not important to me.. and i've moved with probably 50% less that i used to have.

Now two years later, and with a baby boy of 11 months, everything is much more clear in my mind, and also my shelves. I like having only 10 books, that i like to read again and again. i enjoy cooking in a kitchen where everything has a place to live with drawers not full of unneeded utensils. i enjoy having only 5 nails polishes, and a makeup routine that can fit in only one small glossier pouch. I enjoy having a baby that can grow as much as he wants, without having a ton of unneeded toys and unneeded clothes. I enjoy having a wardrobe that i can fully use during a year and having the only choice between jeans and white teeshirts. i like having less than 10 pairs of shoes. i still have work to do and give a little bit more place to minimalism in my house and life, but i've give time to myself. Everyday i always remove something of my house. 

Things does not define us as a person, we all know this. But it's hard to get rid of things that became probably sentimental with the time. this rotation on your life it's not an easy one. When you decided to change this part of you life you also start consuming differently (and no I'm not talking about being vegan, or 100% organic, or no fast fashion. When i say consuming differently, it's how your relationship with money became different ). We are not always perfect, and minimalism should be embrace and not became difficult to live with. Some people can live without a sofa or TV, some families needs them. You have to find your own minimalism path because we are all different. You can be an hardcore minimalist if you like or you can be not minimalist too and be a maximalist. You can be in the process of minimalism and take your time to define what are your needs. So here i will share with you our minimalism journey and how we stay motivated to change our lives as a family of five.

The approach of minimalism is linked to intentional living, is about examining your "why" and being happy with your answer, it does mean having a purpose behind your actions and their is no right or wrong answer to your question

It's decluttering things that does not matter to you and keeping the only things that you really enjoy having.

I will share with you our tips and tricks to change your life and your home to have a less cluttered space and mind.


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